The Cologne Cathedral Organist Prof.Dr.Winfried Bönig in April 2019
about his idea for a video production
"Highland Cathedral - an Ode to the Cathedral":

"The piece alone is capable of majestic images to be created."

The Story of Highland Cathedral

André Rieu
November 2017:

"The magnificient song 'Highland Cathedral' is a tribute to my orchestra and the love we all feel for one another."

Kees Westerkamp ("Music Show Scotland")
April 2017:

"´Highland Cathedral´ gehört seit Jahren zu den Lieblingsstücken
unseres Publikums und unserer Musikanten."

Mirusia Louwerse
April 2017:

"...The melody of "Highland Cathedral" is so beautiful that I decided it would be lovely to sing it on my new album and on my tours around the world."

Ralph Gusovius, "Bläck Fööss" Germany
June 2015:

"Die Identifikation der Kölner mit "Du bes die Stadt/Highland Cathedral"
hat in der Tat eine riesige
und - in den Konzerten - teils berührende Dimension erreicht. Nicht selten steht das Publikum geschlossen auf und singt das Lied hymnengleich mit."

Remember November 2002:

"Wir gehen davon aus,daß der Titel unaufhaltsam seinen Weg zu einer neuen Köln-Hymne machen wird..."

"Edinburgh Evening News"
Januar 2015:

"Highland Cathedral ... the best-known bagpipe tune in the world..."

Ian MacPherson, Composer, United Kingdom
November 2012:

"It is just absolutely stunning!!!
You have really created something that is going to last forever that people will play for decades if not centuries to come when you composed "Highland Cathedral."

Peggy & Hamish Yuile, "House Of Scotland Pipe Band", USA
October 2012:

"Highland Cathedral" is one of those timeless tunes that will be played as long as there are musicans from different disciplines, this is a rare thing indeed,it combines the world of classical music with the world of folk music and the Highland Bagpipes."

Captain Major Marc Ludlow,
London Scottish Regiment, United Kingdom
August 2012:

"Highland Cathedral“ was the favourite tune of Queen Mum."

Gavin Stoddart, Director of Army Bagpipe Music Edinburgh Castle
May 2002:

"I remember our meeting in Berlin well and how much our Regiment enjoyed your composition. Brigadier Jameson, the producer of the Edinburgh Military Tattoo and a piper himself also believes your composition is outstanding!
He would play on every Tattoo if he had the choice and I can assure you that it is discussed each year."

Bastian Schmalisch Classic Radio Germany
May 2000:

"...sehr gern bestätige ich Ihnen, daß "Highland Cathedral" in der Fassung von Phil Coulter insgesamt viermal der Spitzenreiter
der Klassik Radio Hörerhitparade gewesen ist."

Pipe Major Angus Macdonald
August 1995:

"Best wishes to Michael Korb, thank you for allowing me
to publish your beautiful tune."

Major M. J. Parker, Producer of the "Edinburgh Military Tattoo"
October 1992:

"We have received many letters of congratulations most of which have expressed particular enjoyment of your composition."